When come to management consulting, it is undeniable that case interview is definitely the hardest part to overcome. This section need various skill to handle and one of them is asking data in reasonable ways. There are so many people do not know the good pitch or tactics to deal with interviewer. What’s going on when you get stuck in asking data and really need more insight about the case? This article will help you to handle it.

Getting stuck in asking reasonably for data is not abnormal in consulting. Sometimes, we don’t know how to know more insights without losing our reason-oriented mind. A little pieces of evidence show that the interviewers may be willing to share the data with candidate when perceived the attempt trying to be helpful and logical rather than cross-checking results or unthoughtful intent. Here are some tips for professional performance.

Asking for data is not easy as you think

#1: Stick with systematically method and hypothesis

In my experience, most people gains good feelings from everybody through their thinking process. So, an essential way to enhance the interviewer credibility is a reason-driven mind. They will share their work when they:

  • Trust you
  • They can get something out of it
  • They know you’re not an amateur and you completely understand your points
  • They have those data or able to collect those data.

Assuming that you’re using issue tree to solve a problem, before asking for data in the next level, try to show your perspective in order to gain the credibility from interviewers. You should complete all branch in a level and stick with your hypothesis bASKING DATA IN REASONALE WAY IN CONSULTING FIRM

efore moving to the next one. That will be a reasonable way to ask for data.

#2: Be faithful to tell you need more insights.

For some reasons, candidates intent to ask data for having more “feelings” on that context. Might be this way not reasonable and not hypothesis-based. However, that is not abnormal in consulting. In case you have a clear road on the map, keep moving forward, on the other hand, let be faithful and tell interviewers that you need more insight before drawing a structure of issue tree. Complete understanding before going is a must.

#3: Concern about the feasibility and availability of data

Try to think about them before asking, which show your best practices in solving problem and ignore the possibility of being rejected by interviewers. For example, a case interview about a company need to improve the quality of theirs hotel due to negative feedbacks from customer. You can directly ask the interviewers for those feedback data with a reason of gaining more insights. The availability of those data help you need less effort on finding a reason for asking.

There are more special situations and depend on the style of interviewer and we need to adapt those scenarios. However, no matter what your problem is, asking for data always be a very essential skills need to practices. So if you want to land a job in top three firms of consulting industry, try you best to be proficient in this skill.

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