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Building CV – the mysterious skills that has been forgotten

Before go to the CV section, you must know how the recruiting process look like with an example of a management consulting company. Read here.

With the help of the internet and free tools recently, candidates can now easily design a professional CV at a glance. In addition, tips for writing CVs and presenting personal skills have been provided by job seekers. However, it seems that candidates have forgotten that the form of writing CV occupies only 10% of the selection rate of the CV, the remaining 90% of the content of the CV!

So why are we so cautious about “CV writing” that skips a higher skill than “CV building”, which is a decisive factor? Let’s find out more about this skill first!

Building CV need more effort 

  1. What is Curriculum vitae building?

First of all, this is the process of a normal candidate coming to work.

Study => Extracurricular Activities + Skills => Write CV => Apply

As you can see, when you come to the CV step, you will begin to re-search your skills and experience to see if there is a place suitable for the application or not. One thing that often happens is that you will be puzzled not to know what to write, how to write, how the things you do not involved or help at this stage. Unfortunately, you have misunderstood the process of CV formation, and just “write CV” and not “build” it.

So how to have a standard CV?

Simple! Let’s create it first, and implement it!

The process would look like this:

Position wanted => Write CV => Study => Extracurricular Activities + Skill => Apply

Here, the CV outside the role of the candidate, it also brings a new role, it is “Career Plan” for you.

Writing CVs is like planning to start learning and hone your skills to achieve the skills and achievements that are in your CV. This process is called “CV build”. And you know, because your CV is the best from day one, once you build it, the pass rate is always 100%. If not, it is because the first thing you wrote is not the best one.

Did you realize the problem?

  1. So how to write a best CV?

Mistake when thinking about the best CV: best CV = professional CV!

Correct definition: The best CV is the CV when you write it will have a pass rate of 100%.

Professional CV is not called the best because it is very time to “adjust” to pass. Best CV is no need to correct!

To do that, look at the Job description of the positions and industries you want to apply for. Then list them all out because of these things you must definitely do. Next, please ask for the CVs of those who have been placed in that position or industry and see what skills they demonstrate through what activities. It is often overlooked that you are too careful to look at the beautiful CV model without regard to the CV “bean”, while that is what should be considered.

Then divide the specific items in the CV, like scores, activities, achievements, foreign languages, etc. Select a professional CV and present it. If possible list the exact contest or event, the performance you want on the CV, or write down the nature of the competition and what it will support.

Finally, finish your CV and give it to the industry. You can submit to the company to see if your CV is really good and appropriate, but I do not recommend doing so because it will affect your profile. After all the good reviews, this CV is almost 100% passable. The next thing you must understand!

Make it a reality!

By writing the standard CV, you build more directional skills! Do not forget this “ultimate” skill! Wish you have the career you want!


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