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Case Interview Practice Question: Math-Oriented Interview Questions

Case Interview Practice Question in Management Consulting Interview includes many testing parts, and indeed, one such zone is the capacity to do genuinely essential math amid the Case Study questions and other quantitative inquiries that surface. See more about Consulting Case Interview Questions from MCP to get more useful insight

Case Interview Practice question does not allow you to use the calculator. All things considered, we as a whole approach PCs and calculator. In any case, it is basic to have the capacity to indicate you can thoroughly consider essential math issues without these guides since you’ll be doing this all the time at work. For instance, you might run a development methodology venture for a customer, and the customer may ask something like “Imagine a scenario in which I was to support that division’s volume by 10%. What might be the effect on profit?” You could simply figure a correct answer with computational help, yet to have the capacity to give a surmised reply on the spot is valuable and consoling to the customer.

The math issues postured in consulting interviews are once in awhile troublesome—gave, obviously, that you’ve polished numerous cases. Below we offer you more than 10 test Consulting interview math inquiries beneath. A variation of any of these inquiries could come up as a feature of any meeting. By honing these inquiries and the strategies expected to unravel them, you will drastically build your speed and precision at noting the quantitative inquiries that emerge so every now and again in Consulting interviews. (These aptitudes will likewise enable you to prevail at work as a Consultant!)

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  • Assume a new Steinway piano costs $25,000 in China. The piano is popular in China, with more children playing piano in China than there are children in the United States. Assume 0.05% of the approximately 400 million households in China will purchase a new Steinway in the next decade.  What will be Steinway’s total revenue in China over the next decade?

Answer: $5 billion. (The key to this problem is to get your powers of ten correct.)

  • If the elasticity of demand for Australian beer is 0.9, and the average customer buys 4 beers when the price is $1.50 per beer, how many beers will the average customer purchase when the price is $1.00?

Answer: 5 beers (5.2 is the exact answer, but round to 5 as you cannot buy 5.2 beers).

  • Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch’s The Scream recently became the most expensive artwork sold at auction, selling for $119.9 million. Assuming Sotheby’s takes a 1% commission of the sales price and that the seller initially paid $90 million for the painting, approximately what was the return on the investment for the seller?

Answer: 31.89%. (Remember that this is an estimation question, but you should try to get close.)

  • Linkedin’s Press Center claims that professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a “rate of approximately two new members per second.” If this trend continues, approximately how many professionals will sign up for Linkedin in the next 21 days?

Answer: 3.456 million. (Estimation; try to get close.)

  • An emerging Spanish dress designer’s revenue in the past year was $240,000, selling 3,000 units at $80 per unit. The fixed production costs were $19,800, and the variable production costs were $180,000.   The fixed selling costs were $7,500 and variable selling costs were $21,000. Net income before taxes was $11,700.  What is the breakeven output of units?

Answer: 2,100 units. (There is an easy way and a difficult way to arrive at the same answer.)

  • How many hours were there between December 22nd, 2011 and April 17th, 2012?

Answer: 2,808 hours. (Estimation and thought process are key; try to get close. Don’t forget the leap year.)

  • Assume 50 working weeks per year, and 40 hours of work a week. What is the average hourly wage for a salary of $80,000?

Answer: $40 per hour. (Dividing $80,000 by 2,000 is the same as 80 divided by 2.)

  • The Flowertree Hotel in Shanghai has three types of rooms. The Standard (60 rooms at $200 per night), the King Terrace (40 rooms at $300 per night), and the Mayfair Suite (20 rooms at $450 per night). If the occupancy is as follows per room type per night (Standard 80%, King Terrace 70%, Mayfair Suite 60%), what is the total revenue for the night?

Answer: $23,400 revenue per night. (Use paper to track the pieces.)

  • The population of China grew from approximately 1.26 billion people in 2000 to 1.36 billion people in 2012. By approximately what percent did the population increase?

Answer: 7.9%. (Demonstrating long division—use paper. Try to come up with an initial estimate before diving into the mechanics of division.)

  • How many days were there between Monday, January 3rd, 2011 and Saturday, May 5th, 2012?

Answer: 488 days. (Estimation and thought process are key; try to get close. Don’t forget the leap year.)

  • The population of France is currently 65 million people. If the population grows at a rate of 0.5% per year, approximately what will the population of France be in 20 years?

Answer: 71.82 million. (Note that a good initial estimate is 0.5% × 20 = 10% growth, i.e., 71.5 million. Give this estimate first, then note that the correct answer will be slightly higher because of compounding.)

  • Seek Limited, a global online employment company, achieved an EBIT margin of 39% on approximately $400M revenue in 2011.  Assuming sales remain constant, for EBIT to be $180M in 2012, approximately what is the minimum EBIT margin Seek Limited must achieve?

Answer: 45%. (Simple division, but there is extraneous information in this problem. There often is on Consulting math questions.)

  • The average American consumes approximately 150 pounds of sugar per year while the average German consumes approximately 110 pounds of sugar per year. Assuming the German population is 80 million and the U.S. population is 300 million, how many pounds of sugar are consumed in these two countries per year?

Answer: 53.8 billion pounds of sugar. (Use paper to calculate and track the pieces.)

  • If 0.0146 Euros = 1 Indian Rupee, approximately how many Euros is equivalent to 14,000 rupees?

Answer: 205.07 Euros. (Try to come up with an initial estimate first. See why 210 is a good estimate.)

  • On July 5th, 2011, RIMM’s (the owner of Blackberry) stock price was $28.92. A year later on July 3rd, 2012 the stock price closed at $7.35. Approximately what percent did the stock price fall over that period?

Answer: 74.59%. (Try estimation first—it’s very easy to get very close to the correct answer quickly.)


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