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From Learning Case Interview To Bible To Learn Everything

Below are five ways to learn thing faster and help you digest new information and master your skills

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1. Explain it to someone who is not an expert in the field

A person who specialises in one thing is able to interpret it to the one who is not in the field. This means if you teach someone something, you actually understand it better by the time you finish as it compels you to refine your thought. According to Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Every single time you would like to understand something better, you should go through it once again, and imagine that you are explaining them to somebody else. Repeat this process by simplifying your language and make your interpretation more refined. As a result, this will remarkably enhance your ability to apply that knowledge on a test or when address problems.

2. Learn a new language

Previous research indicates that bilingual children are more advantageous when it comes to understanding new things and processing information. No matter what languages that children speak, the important thing is the process of understanding and distinguishing between different sets of vocabulary.

Therefore, if you now only speak your mother language, you had better learning new one. It is vital to train yourself to process more information for different perspective – a key to learn new thing faster.  

3. Study before sleeping

Learning new thing, and making new neural connections right before sleeping provides a notable retention advantage over the learning period in a day. Even though this is one of the effective ways to learn new thing, this one still has limitation. If you learn it in a time-pressure before sleeping, you will immediately bang every knowledge out of your brain.

4. Prime your brain beforehand

The best way to learn new thing is linking new information to the information that you already know. This will come out to be the most efficient method to build legitimate understanding. So, you should revise your knowledge which is relevant to the topic of new information. In practice, let’s take an example, you now learning new how to deal with consulting case interview. You should jot down everything which relates to case interview pops into your mind. This will tie all the thing you already know; and drag potential relationships to the top of your mind before commencing on a new set of concept.

5. Learn without thinking

To speed up your learning process, you should actually not pay your attention to learning at all. This called perceptual learning, a concept built by psychology researcher Eleanor Gibson. This can be explained by we learn the idea unconsciously through our awareness (five senses, etc.) in an automated way, without external reinforcement. For instance, a management consultant, pursuing a perceptual learning protocol through a consulting case that permits you to approach different perspective with different situations. The following consulting case which indicates an e-commerce marketing strategy, you should put them in different situation and expect the result in those situations and suggest the optimised and possible strategy for future development



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