Throughout the period of meeting with some of my school friends, there is a common question from many of you asking yourself “If I have no experience, how to write my CV?”. This article I would like to share a bit about my personal experience, to help you ‘not experienced’ and ‘less experienced’ can take the best of what you have to write on your CV. First of all, for those of you who do not know what CVs / places to call Résume, what information is needed:


Even if you don’t have experience, you still have change to write a good CV


Personal Information.

This information is required to have email, name and phone number. Depending on where there may be more addresses, avatars and date of birth. There may also be a section called ‘Career Summary’, which summarizes your career orientation.

Work experience.

Definitely is the most important. This experience can be divided into two parts: work experience and others experience.


Just name the college or industry you studied. There may be some additional training in drawing skills or something if it is relevant.


List your skills. Includes soft skills like communication, presentation, etc, and technical skills such as using Microsoft Office, drawing on Photoshop, etc.

Reference (References).

The name, position, company and telephone number of the person from your ranks.

The above is a primer of what is required for a complete CV. At a minimum there must be a contact information, experience and education. Other things may or may not, depending on where you apply.

So as we have seen, whether you have experience or not, you still have to mention this topic in your CV. The following will help you solve this problem with two solutions, one is temporary and two is a long-term solution.

Temporary solution

Assuming you have no work experience, write about the volunteer activities, the clubs you attended. So if you do not join any club, write about your team activities while doing the assignments, your projects related to the job you are applying for.

For example, a company looking to recruit a marketing assistant, requires specialized knowledge, communication skills, leadership and teamwork. You can list in your experience of your participation in the Marketing Team, of an ABC Volunteer Organization, your task is to work with a team to think of ideas, and so on and so on. .

The point here is that listing volunteer activities and school assignments as experience will be effective if those activities are really relevant and the employer sees what you did in those activities. . So when you list you:

Specifically, detail the role you did in that job. Use specific figures to prove. Start each bullet with strong verbs to impress.

Long-term solution

With new students, it is acceptable for you to say that you have no experience. However, for students after 3-4 years in school, you tell employers that you have no experience, which will make you lose points seriously. What did you do for the past 3.4 years? Surely you have to study hard, do you have GPA 4.0?

So I encourage those who have not had work experience yet, so start making your own experience right away. Still the advice you hear from other people, join the clubs, find some volunteer organizations and apply for a job. You can find internships in some small companies, apply for unpaid work at the company you like. Through these tasks, the experience you learn is not just technical skills, but also other working skills such as communication, relationships, the use of common software, How to manage a meeting, and so on.

Wishing you a good CV and impress the employer.

Any questions you can comment directly, I am very willing to help. And don’t forget to learn how the recruiting process look like with an example of management consulting company

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