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Inside The Consulting Interview: Consulting-Specific and Firm-Specific Questions

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Consulting-Specific and Firm-Specific Questions

These inquiries are essential to get right, as there is regularly question concerning how much the applicant comprehends the position and what is normal, and whether he/she will be adequately arranged. They likewise help decide if he or she is applying to other irrelevant employments and is perhaps not so much that inspired by Consulting or working for that specific firm.

You need to demonstrate the amount you’ve addressed Consultants and ex-Consultants, read organization sites and productions, and so forth. Try not to be unclear. Rather, offer individual cases amid these inquiries (for instance, “addressed a senior chief at X firm taking a shot at a noteworthy sustainable power source venture” or “audited the most recent article on investor esteem from your association’s examination entrance”). Make certain that your answers line up with your different answers, particularly the profession related inquiries. You likewise need to get over that you have the right stuff/attributes that are required to be the best Consultant, and that your answers can show that you recognize what these qualities are.

A few people have influenced consultant a career while others to have utilized their experience as a springboard to an assortment of chances. Specialists have influenced their stamp in every aspect of a business, to back and legislative issues. A questioner might want to affirm that you are yearning, inquisitive and have contemplated your vocation. Critically, at that point, you don’t need to have conclusive plans, however, it is imperative to exhibit the development to demonstrate that you have genuinely considered your career.

How do you envision your career in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years? (Indeed, we have heard this 20-year question being asked)

The key here isn’t to state, “I’ll be senior accomplice at your firm,” which is an automatic reaction of many applicants. It appears to be presumptuous and disparaging. We propose not notwithstanding saying this tongue in cheek. Rather, demonstrate that you’ve considered your career, and significantly, how working in Management Consulting will help you in that profession.

With respect to the 3-year variant of this inquiry, we would dependably suggest that you say that you will learn and contribute at the best level counseling firm, as firms don’t anticipate that hopefuls will consider leaving so soon. They need hopefuls who are ready and anxious to remain for no less than 3 years in the event that they are welcome to do as such. In that regard, saying “I’d jump at the chance to be a third-year Consultant at your firm” is a fantastic reaction.

Beyond that, demonstrating a more drawn out term enthusiasm for different regions, for example, being in the corporate world, governmental issues, Private Equity or another zone is impeccably fine—simply make certain to exhibit how your feasible arrangements associate with Consulting and how Consulting will enable you to accomplish such plans.

On the off chance that discussing graduate school, we propose saying you are truly considering an MBA, since raising other graduate and doctoral projects, now, can put off a few questioners (this truly varies by firm—some Consulting firms, for instance, love Ph.D. programs and may have various doctoral graduates working in the firm).

What type of projects would you like to work on at (consulting firm X)?

This is like asking what ranges/capacities intrigue you. It additionally is a method for testing whether you have gotten your work done, regarding taking in the kind of work a Consultant does and what the firm you’re meeting with does.

This can prompt an industry talk, so if that happens, know essential data on the business, similar to showcase estimate, development rate, contenders, income and cost drivers, hindrances to section, center items, clients/customers, industry patterns, administrative issues, and so forth.

Utilize presence of mind. For instance, on the off chance that you say in the meeting that you need to concentrate on the Media business, yet you are applying for an occupation at the Chicago office of Firm X, realize that there will probably be far fewer media open doors in the Chicago office than there would be on the off chance that you had connected to the NYC office. So, get your work done!

It is normally fine to state you need to be presented to numerous businesses and find that a couple of ventures claim to you more than others. Notwithstanding, demonstrating point by point information of any of these ventures—regardless of whether it’s a special case that you’ve been presented to—gives you a decisive advantage over most different applicants.

All things considered, be mindful so as not to demonstrate that you are not extremely open to an extensive variety of chances. This could be a capital punishment for your appointment at a firm that is hoping to contract generalists.

Note: in the event that you are applying to a specialty firm or specific gathering inside a bigger firm, clearly it is normal that you plainly verbalize why you might want to have some expertise in that industry/ specialty.

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Why do you want to be a management consultant?

Utilize an individual case about how you went over Management Consulting and why it particularly bids to you and your qualities. Be particular and incorporate cases from your encounters. (For instance, something like “I like work that includes critical thinking in a group setting, as prove by… “).

Concentrate considerably more on getting over that you have what it takes and a profound enthusiasm for business instead of talking about the vocation openings that go with Consulting.

Maintain a strategic distance from talk of travel and some other advantages of the activity and furthermore don’t raise the particular firm for this inquiry. The inquiry is about Management Consulting as a general field, not about this particular firm.


How did you learn about what a management consultant does? How have you prepared for the interviews?

For this inquiry, you need to demonstrate that you adopted an organized strategy to comprehend what a Management Consultant does and how you arranged for the meetings. In a perfect world, you will need to appear to be somebody who is sufficiently prepared at this that they could mentor different applicants on the best way to do it!

Give particular cases about how you found out about Consulting and your own particular arrangement encounters (for instance, “addressed X number of present or previous Consultants; read the accompanying on the web distributions or books, joined the administration counseling club at school”).

What skills do you believe are crucial to success in management consulting?

For this inquiry, you need to demonstrate that you adopted an organized strategy to comprehend what a Management Consultant does and how you arranged for the meetings. In a perfect world, you will need to appear to be somebody who is sufficiently prepared at this that they could mentor different applicants on the most proficient method to do it!

You could specify numerous aptitudes, however, it is vital to say at any rate a portion of the accompanying (these are the sorts of individuals they are searching for):

Solid hard-working attitude

Tender loving care

Capacity to get a handle on complex ideas rapidly (the precarious expectation to absorb information in the Consulting business is as engaging as it is overwhelming!)

Mentally inquisitive and thorough

Solid investigative and quantitative aptitudes


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