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Management Consulting recruiting process at a glance

Now, we’ll touch upon the key pieces of the consulting job search and what we believe will be the key do’s and key don’ts. Experience free to post feedback below or email all of us with any questions and followups. We want to thank our readers for making these first …

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Do Management Consultants Read Resumes

The resume screening process is a black box for candidates – you just know whether you’ve gotten the meeting or been rejected. In uncommon cases, you’ll get input on why you didn’t make the cut, yet the counsel is non specific (“You didn’t have enough work involvement”). In case you’re …

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About Management Consulting and the Consulting Industry

It appears like everybody nowadays is in administration counseling – system advisors, business specialists, innovation experts, IT experts, showcasing specialists, and the rundown continues endlessly. It’s a catch-all title for somebody who gets paid to give their recommendation on specific subjects to organizations. In this post, we’ll endeavor to answer …

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